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i said it…

October 21, 2014


and so it was as it all happened in just the fashion that he said it would – and what a thrill it is to see it all come together when at once in the beginning it was just a vision – it’s all simply so beautiful and it goes all the way back to very long ago when it was said in romans 4:17 (esv) how “…God…gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exist.” – and indeed that is how it happens when our faith is unwavering and our conviction in our vision is with the clarity of the finest crystal – you see i was never before in life with a greater guiding vision as that of which came to me in a dream nearly one year ago – yet it did arrive and with it i became instantly affected in the way of gaining a most wonderfully indescribable new set of lenses in front of everything i’ve been given sight of in these past many months – and with these lenses i’ve seen it all in not only my mind’s eye as given by way of the holy spirit yet in the here&now of what it is that’s suddenly just appearing right in front of me – and when it happens as it has been with an ever increasing rate of frequency i cannot help but find myself laughing with a great sense of awe and a nearly thundering gusto as surely as i am laughing with the deepest feeling of grateful blessing in realizing God’s perfecting handiwork literally right as it’s happening – at times it’s nearly overwhelming as it’s all coming together unlike it ever has before – even further is the very heavy presence of an elaborate architecture at work seamlessly piecing together my very life in such a steadily unveiling design to where i know i’m literally walking my nearly every step as ordered by God himself – at the same time there’s an overriding and entirely innate understanding that it all is happening for my very best well-being – questions of even the slightest uncertainty in the heart about anything nearly disappear – and in place of them instead is an unending smile in my every greeting and a confidence in my every measure as if i’ve already been there and as if i’ve already done that if not the once then maybe even many times to the point of feeling i very well may be a master at it –

yes it definitely seems and sounds exceptionally detailed in my every description of what it is to say it and then see it arrive knowing it’s coming from faith and faith alone yet there couldn’t ever be any greater of a lesson learned than that of what it is to finally be running right at godspeed from one minute to the next – and that’s where i’m at – and i’m thankful – and i’m floored in the very best way now finding so many of the pieces arriving as well as so many of the spoken dreams coming together everything the same – just recently for the very first time i said something out loud to myself far greater and far grander than anything i’ve ever spoken of before – yet this time there was such a deep belief in those very words that i know beyond a shadow of any doubt that it was all indeed by the grace of God in that the players have now arrived and they’ve arrived with a smiling heart at that – what’s further even more wonderful is that it was for the greater collective benefit of us all – and to our benefit it certainly already is – the details in the way of the who and the what and the when and the why and so on from there truly do not even matter in the way of what it is i am hopefully sharing in all of these preceding words right up to this one – and they do not even matter because it was faith that led me there and it was faith that led me here in sharing what it is that happens when we have it and we keep it and we proclaim it in every minute where it seems so fitting – and as we do i am completely convinced his smile once again finds its way straight into that beautifully unending laughter and with him we arrive at the very same – and that’s how it all happens at godspeed – wishing you one in the very same with God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~
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