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November 17, 2014


with the now very fastly arriving holiday season so much just isn’t the same – in the years past in every single one of them all throughout my entire life i’ve always had my wonderful mother there with me no matter where we may have been from one coast to the other – for most of those years that meant not only having her warm and always welcoming smile yet it also meant hearing that perfectly infectious laugh of hers that always led the way in every family gathering – and then to be in my mother’s house at the holidays also meant we were all the ever so fortunate guests at a temporarily never-ending holiday bakery of the truly most delectable variety – and might i add that my sister has long ago lovingly picked up in continuing this very same delightful tradition for her family and in effect the rest of us as well when we’re visiting her during the holidays – in reflecting back to a time so long ago right up until just last december mom very clearly was always very happy at the holidays – and with her happiness that made what was already such a wonderful season of the year that much the lovelier for every one of us –

in the beautiful light of that loving happiness comes to me such a grand memory i so clearly recall right along with an unending list of so many others of just the same fashion – yet this memory is of the one christmas eve in pennsylvania right after returning from midnight mass as we were all gathered around that amazing living room stereo console that was always a beloved fixture of mom’s as she loved to listen to music all of the time, in fact my father still has that original piece in his home all these decades later – and here’s what happened – the station announcer came on to give the weather report and in that very same report he also enthusiastically included that santa and his reindeer had just been seen by air traffic control as now entering into the skies over america and mom then said to me did you hear that gary? – and i did yet it even further engaged me in fully realizing this as coming from just the loving way that mom said those five little words to me – it was right there and then that my christmas for that year in 1977 was already made and for it i say thank you mom

as for this christmas season and all of the decorations and gifts and greetings that’ll surely be happening for so many of us i’ll be forever the lesser in my heart in not having my dear and wonderful mother there with me – yet i’ll be forever thankful in a way that words will never properly exclaim in holding tightly to the eternally living memory of a christmas gift that lasted for the 44 years when she was – and that’s a gift that will surely last forever in my heart as well as far beyond this life as that’s just one of the wonderful ways in which heaven truly is all around us – i am certain there will be many more beautiful gifts to come into my life in the hopefully several more decades written for me for this time around and for that i am already most thankful – i am also just as certain in every way that not a one of them will likely ever meet let alone ever transcend that of the gift that it was to have had charlotte ann rettinger as my mother –

i have learned in recent years in the midst of so much unexpected and devastating loss of those i treasured the most in my life that we have but the one direction to set forth in from those points forward – and that is the direction of immediately deciding to see everything we can as everything of the blessing that it is from the very slightest aspects of our daily lives to the grandest gifts we’ve been so lovingly graced with in a way that can only ever come from God – i’ve also come to discover that the further grace of silver lining vision then sets in within our hearts allowing us to hear, allowing us to heal and allowing us to lift ourselves back up into the happier destinies in this life, after all that is the way of the holy spirit and what i know and embrace to be godspeed – and thank the good Lord for it as i for one will be carrying forth in just that way knowing anything the lesser will only ever lead me onto a path of sorrow and that is a path no one deserves to be on, especially at this time of the year – so as we arrive into the holidays as getting underway in just the next many days with thanksgiving i say to God thank you for the added strength to simply continue praying with the overwhelming grace that’s come into my heart in these past few years and now even far more so with the loss in the last many weeks of not only my dear wonderful mother yet now also with the loss of her golden-hearted soul of a brother my uncle chuck bloxsom – may God rest their beautiful souls and may God be with you all in every way in this very special season upon us that i will continue to always love – wishing you all the very same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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  1. Jared Rettinger permalink
    November 27, 2014 3:16 am

    Wow my first time on your website!!! ( I still have the business card that you gave me on the way out of v’s! You have a really cool web page! Great Job!!! 😄😃😀

    • November 27, 2014 4:09 am

      thank you so much littleJ, that really warms my heart buddy, thank you!😸

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