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reflecting on all of the yesterdays…

November 29, 2014


is where i find myself as the moments of the holidays arrive in every way other than that of what they once were – this time around there’s a very different lense in front of everything that i see – it’s a lense that at once is altogether clear as much as it’s also with a touch of a shimmer that’s leading me to feel as if i can somehow reach inside finding my way back to when we were all together at some lovely time in the past – and in some ways i imagine that’s entirely possible yet in others it simply just isn’t when you’re missing someone’s smile and they’re just not there to smile with you – such is the everchanging way in which life reveals itself as days and settings that seem as if they’ll last for a lifetime begin to change sometimes changing dramatically and very fastly at that – so it is in the very spirit of giving thanks i find myself more thankful than ever for not only the remaining blessings that have been there all along yet for the many new and wonderful gifts God has so perfectly written into my life as well – as a rather complex kid to say it lightly i am very well aware of some of what it is to be someone so closely involved in my life and for all of the grace that’s ever been given to me by any one of you as that someone i am exceptionally thankful – in some fashion or another it has been this grace as coming from you that has helped me to leading as good of a life as i have come to learn to be thriving in and again i am most thankful for every experience that’s collectively landed me right here to this very writing – yes i wish i wasn’t so slow to listen at times yet i imagine when i finally did the greater blessing that was intended came to be nonetheless, and again for that and for every one of them i am very thankful –

for me yesterdays hold many good and amazing memories and in many ways all of the other times lesser than that have thankfully faded away to nearly nothing – and then there’s today and the promise of all that is still very well and alive in my heart as well as that of the continuing and extraordinarily fascinating story that makes up my life from one day to the next – and with that story and by the loving grace of God i am endlessly thankful in finally discovering the key to a life well-lived as beginning with a vision as coming from the heart that i can literally feel as if it all has already arrived and then it does and it has and i have every faith that it always will in many amazingly breathtaking ways from here on out for the rest of my life – and for that and everything above i am forever thankful in a way that words can never say – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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