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feeling the hurt…

December 26, 2014


at this time of the year is absolutely crushing in every way as long as you let it and then there’s the idea that you just don’t have to stand for it – we all seem to have sorrows and for some very new and incredibly upsetting losses that lead the way to an excrutiating heartache that none of us would ever actively choose yet at times that’s life isn’t it? – and when these sorrows and upsetting losses find their way into the christmas season as they have for me with the very recent and highly unexpected passing of both my dear mother and her wonderful brother it can feel that much the worse than it would otherwise – yet as it is in virtually anything we ever do in this life as we know it it’s entirely up to us as to what it is that we initially decide we’re going to feel which is always the path to what it is that’s then very likely to happen for us – it sounds so simple and it seems just so easy to call shenanigans on something so elementary yet that’s the beauty of it that for so many of us we just never see as we sadly buy into lie after lie as to what it is that life is really all about and further from there how it all works – you see there’s a faith that underlies it all and it’s in that very faith where the mark is set – and likewise in keeping that faith it’s typically right there at that very mark that you’ll likely arrive – however and quite unfortunately so many of us bandy about saying so much against this that and the other thing and even more so against ourselves to the degree that we effectively keep on hammering one nail after the other into our very own coffin – that’s the way of what it is when we’re negative

and then there’s the other way that the devil just cannot stand and that’s the way of happiness – at nearly every turn when we’re happy and especially when we find a way to be happy when everything else says we shouldn’t be that’s when the amazingly-timed and always perfectly-received grace of God touches our life just when we need it the very most – we’ve all heard the approximate words of one henry ford with respect to whether we think we can or whether we think we cannot and how we’re nonetheless right yet old henry was just passing on the good word as that’s exactly how God has it all set up – after all he’s not going to lift you away from the couch and make everything just brilliant without your lifting as much as a finger is he? – and just the same if all you see and all you can say out of empty faith is nothing more than so-called critical wit than that is what you will get back in this life – to the contrary when you’re all lit up with a love in your heart as can only ever come in the way of the holy spirit through God your words are ones of the deepest faith as well as the grandest vision as created within a neverending spirit of thankfulness – and when it’s this wonderful place from where you constantly aspire you’ll see your dreams and desires as originally written in your heart from the very beginning all come to beand that’s how he does it – it’s how it’s always been and it’s how it’ll always be and for this revelation that i only came to discover through such a sad and disparate sorrow in recent years i am completely grateful – it’s a decision, i made it and i’ll never look back and you can too – wishing you one in the very same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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