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there’s a way…

January 4, 2015


about the beginning of a new year that’s just entirely engaging yet at times for some of us it may seem somewhat frightening – and even though there may be a seemingly insurmountable array of well-founded reasons in so-called reality as to giving in to the fear, it’s the part about it all that’s in our mind and what we make of it that’s always far more critically important – in fact it’s always the part that’s in our mind that makes every difference in the way of how we’re getting there and just how potentially memorable of a journey it’ll be along the way – after all even though it’s really all about the journey it’s also imperative in realizing that it’s every bit as wonderful and vitally necessary in reaching the righter of the goals we set in life as well – and to me that’s where a newly determined resolve can tend to be just what the doctor ordered – in other words it’s truly invaluable in committing to a new year’s resolution not betweeen you and the world and not between you and yourself yet rather a resolution in the far greater spirit of a steadfast declaration between you and God – it’s in this highly elevated light of knowing and then declaring out loud what it is you’re set upon in having your life be as to where real progress begins and then continues happening in such a loving fashion that’s entirely unattainable in any other way – that’s the serendipity of thriving in the holy spirit – after all success in the way of notoriety and the monetary is ultimately rather difficult, empty and highly self-defeating when it’s free of any greater enlightened meaning as it is when it’s missing the one that made us – and a greater folly in life there can never be than that of what it is to be missing God –

many so blessed are already ever so thankfully well along this wonderful path from within and to lead and be led in any other way would quite rightfully never be given as much as even a blink of consideration – and then there’re so many already believing in God yet never truly realizing that he has been at their side all along as they instead repetitively give way to the self-blinding pattern of a life of free will as met with a lack of faith – and then there’re the far too many in the world effectively dying as they live finding words such as these with a complete and utter disdain for such a belief as well as the ones believing so, and that’s an exceptionally sad place to be – and if that is you then once and for all you must know that when you finally speak to God for the very first time with a faith unlike you’ve ever given way to before that he will indeed hear you and in the most beautifully overwhelming fashion you will indeed hear him in return – and further from there from you will truly feel him so very much alive in your heart as that is the one and only way of the holy spirit, that is the love of God and that is the way to your destinyand it all happens when you just have faith – wishing you one in the very same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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