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life in an instant…

January 9, 2015


truly can be everything so wonderful we can ever imagine yet there’re still moments that arrive that we’d never wish for in all of eternity – and that’s what it is when someone so exceptional comes to what the doctors believe very well may be an end from a most tragic and entirely inexplicable accident – as to why a young man like adam as well-adored and well-loved as a husband and a father and a friend as well as a highly-respected artist throughout the southern reaches of america would so suddenly and undeservedly meet such a pending fate is a question only for God that an entire lifetime of asking may never be met with a reply in the way of anything we can ever understand – and that’s just how it is – yet i for one have ever so thankfully come to discover in the recent years of my life that we can never underestimate the power of prayer and the collectively immeasurable strength of the prayer of many in so many times having such a beautifully supernatural affect on what may seem to most impossible yet prayer as the light of God proves otherwise – to many this is what’s called a miracle and they definitely do happen – and even though i may personally know only a very few of you so generous to me in reading these inspired words i nonetheless am asking you with all of my heart to open yours just the same in saying a prayer for a miracle for our dear friend adam newman in atlanta – further from there to share this request in every way that you can is a great blessing everything the same – Adam is a very good man with such a perfect heart and he and his wife and little daughter all need us now more than ever – thank you, godspeed to you and may God bless you in every way ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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