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there’s a secret to life…

January 14, 2015


is what he said to me just a few nights ago and just several days after his 91st birthday – there’s a secret to life in that you never take any s*** from anyone and you always do your best to be nice to people, that’s the secret to life he said – and as those words arrived from my esteemed and well-loved world war 2 veteran friend who is in picture-perfect health in every way i have to say i entirely agree – i mean at 91 he walks daily at least a couple of miles at a clip at the same speed anyone a third of his age in taking a brisk walk would do – at 91 there’s not one single slip in his mental acuity as he’s every bit as sharp as a recent phd grad a third of his age yet he comes equipped with nearly a century of well-earned wisdom – i dare say if my friend was the one behind the desk at 1600 pennsylvania avenue this good old country of ours would be quite better off than where it’s at at the present – it’s further right on the mark in saying he’s everything as conversationally gifted as he is a wonderfully compassionate friend to us all in the highly spirited and completely genuine way in which he lives out his every day within our wonderful little community – and for it all we are indeed very blessed to have him in our lives – it’s been my great fortune that he’s been a very nearby neighbor for quite unbelievably nearly a decade now and to say i’ve become that much the better of a person just in knowing him is altogether an understatement – in fact over anyone i’ve ever known in my entire life he’s been the one i’ve most steadily gone to for advice or just a really good talk as i’ve never known anyone with such a deep level of truly engaging wisdom as coming from so many successfully well-lived years throughout such an extensive lifetime – that’s what it is and that’s what so satisfyingly happens every time i talk with him – and then what makes him even better than anything i’ve already said is his brilliantly comedic wit that we very thoroughly battle back and forth with just to see how long we can keep the perfect fun of an entirely nonsensical conversation going just because we wanted to, ha! – and then there’s the fact that he’s a fellow bird of the fearther in loving music above all else which led to his very long ago becoming quite the talented piano player – if you could only be so lucky to have him play a few melodies for you you’d always remember the smile you felt in seeing someone so happy in simply playing a song for his friends –

anyway that’s some of what it is in having one louis grouber or lou as everyone so fondly calls him as your neighbor and your friend – in a lifetime we have very few true friends let alone neighbors that become friends yet for me i have both and God-willing he will be a great friend for many more years to come – in closing this introduction i say to you lou thank you for setting me straight every time i’ve ever needed it and especially when i didn’t even realize i needed it – thank you as well for always leaving me feeling even better than i did before we had a chat whether it was for a minute or the better part of an entire afternoon – and lastly thank you above all else for simply being such a beautiful inspiration to all those ever so fortunate to cross your pathyou my friend are one-of-a-kind and we all love you! – wishing you all God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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