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it’s all a walk…

January 31, 2015


that at times just seems to slip into a race and then when we let it we end up living this otherwise wonderful thing called life like nothing more than that of a rat – and that’s just never a path that any of us should ever travel upon – yet so many of us do day-in and day-out never even realizing that we’ve steadily given up our very own freedom to a life of caring so much about everything that just doesn’t matter taking complete precedent over the very precious and few moments between us that truly do – after all it’s in these precious and few moments where the lasting memories are made that’ll lift up the soul for a lifetime – and let it further be said that we can never overstate the immeasurable value of leading a life that’s open to truly living fully alive – yes of course there’ll be times and patterns that’ll happen that we would’ve rather not been a part of yet it’s in these times as well that with the right attitude in tact of finding the silver lining can lead us straight up into the enlightened state of gaining a far greater love within our heart there for us and indeed the whole wide world to become that much the better by – yet that only happens when we keep our thankfulness for everything we can think and even more importantly speak of even higher than that of what it was just the day before – and therein lies a most unnecessary end for far too many of us who instead in reality actually remain blind to all that we think we are seeing – in other words we’ve arrived in becoming all caught up in a self-styled and friend-supported illusion that in fact has actually descended into nothing more than that of a life of highly deceptive delusion – yet it just doesn’t have to be that way as an immeasurably heartfelt thankfulness in and for life itself is indeed the gateway to all and everything that we’ve ever dreamed of – however the many of us will only ever dream of this far greater life because we’ve already almost unconsciously decided long ago that we have a station in life that’s both well-defined and with self-suffocating limits which means we will go no further than right there – however when thankfulness is truly felt and given for all to see and thrive by just in witnessing how you lead your life from one minute to the next then an altogether much more wonderful life of unlimited possibilities becomes your very reality – and it’s in this loving place where the race is now only ever a delightful option purely for the fun of it and the walk to where you know you’ve always been meant for is simply a steady one with the light of the love of God guiding the way – and that’s the way of a life well-lived with our loved ones well-loved and our mission indeed already complete – wishing you one in the very same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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