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a second chance…

February 13, 2015


at the first act in our lives for some of us is the entirely vital mindset that’ll lead us ever so closer to what very well may be the primrose path – and it’s on this primrose path where the true satisfaction in life happens as an air of appreciation for everything so wonderful we already have as well as for all of the best of what already happened comes together with a newly-found and often times neverending head of steam – and ever so joyfully it is this very head of steam that’ll surely take over in now fueling our moments and our minutes unlike at any other time ever before – that’s what so beautifully begins happening when we find we’re now truly living with a purpose, our purpose, our God-given purpose – and in arriving just there it’s simply a matter of finally and fully realizing that purpose and that happens when once and for all we truly listen to that inner voice we’ve always heard ever since we were a child, after all they are indeed the very words of God we’re hearing as we do – additionally we’re typically already well aware that no one else really ever needs to tell us who we are at our highest and best as we ourselves quite intrinsically very well already know that, and we always have – and right at the minute we take hold of these reigns, our reigns, of a now truly unbridled outlook and newly pristine perspective on everything that can become our life and the very world we’ve always dreamed of then right there and then we’ve already won – we’ve already won and we’ll keep winning this incredibly exciting game of life as long as we carry on living in the light of our vision, steadily moving forward on the path we now so completely know is ours feeling every wonderful outcome as if it’s already come to be all the while brimming with a faith nearly unimaginable to anyone else yet a faith we know God is always well more than good for – that’s the secret to writing the story of your life and as fortune shines within you it’ll surely arrive in the end as one that was vividly complete as an amazing narrative with high adventure, thrilling victory and a truly deep satisfaction in the soul that says i lived a wonderful life – wishing you one in the very same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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