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crossing paths that day…

February 22, 2015


meant she was there to save my life and for it i’ll be forever thankful in my every thread of who i am in a way that’ll indelibly leave me changed for the far better for the rest of my hopefully very long life to come – it was saturday and it began with an unsettling in the abdomen that really didn’t seem all that unusual and then in an instant it went from a 2 to an 11 and i didn’t know what to do – and then it all changed in an instant once again when the inexplicable pain became so debilitating to the degree that this wonderful logic we men tend to be overflowing with told me to drive myself to the hospital – and that’s exactly what i did in an otherwise safe and uneventful 7 minutes that next found me at the stairs to the emergency room and up i went – up i went and in i went and on and on the pain began to level me like i was collapsing from within yet i still had zero idea of what it was that was happening – yet by the wonderful grace of God i arrived that morning to this major medical center with not one single patient waiting to be seen and right back in i went from one smiling and encouraging soul to the next to the doctor and back and with it all i continued to feel the pain yet i also began to feel an all encompassing sense of peace come over me in that i was in God’s hands and clearly with God’s good people and that i would indeed be alright – and then they told me – they told me the second scan in which they could actually see so clearly as to what was happening with an internal rupture meant i was going in immediately as time was vitally of the essence – and then i met her and by the further grace of God she had such a naturally warm and genuinely reassuring smile that said all in just the one look that she would take perfect care of me and that everything would be just fine – and then less than a minute later i was under only to find myself in recovery barely just 2 hours later already feeling far better than i had yet feeling like i’d been run over just the same –

in reflecting it’s a very recent episode in my life i never could’ve imagined yet it’s one that’s given me a newly found perspective of thankfulness in a way even greater that that of anything i’d ever felt before – and in many ways that just didn’t seem possible as i’d already been a typically and openly very thankful kind of soul for all to see in these past several years – yet when a moment arrives so unexpectedly as to what could be an end of what we know this life to be something happens in the heart deep from within the spirit that changes everything – it changes everything well beyond anything that previously only ever seemed something for the imagination – and that’s leading me to a place of inner peace i’ve never experienced before which has further given way to feeling a far greater compassion for everyone i’ve ever known as well as everyone i’m just coming to meet – and even further from there it’s given me an added strength in the faith that everything i’ve ever dreamed of is already well underway in happening – what’s further so wonderful is not having felt even a single flare of agitation about anything since waking back up that early evening of the 7th now 2 saturdays ago – in fact i came to learn later that evening that right at the very time i was being saved the rest of my family was at a surprise party many states away that we hadn’t even been invited to yet that’s God’s mysterious way and for it i’ll only say thank you – thank you God for having me right where i needed to be to get right to where i needed to get to that morning – and thank you God for stopping the rest of the world when i arrived in need of life-saving help in that i was the only one there – thank you God for surrounding me with so many wonderful souls as they expertly figured out what i needed and thank you God for saving my very life with the caring hands of the perfectly gifted and wonderfully friendly lady they call doctor agnes david – doctor david i imagine you have received many heartfelt thank yous all throughout your career that’ll last for a lifetime yet should you ever feel even slightly less than properly appreciated i hope that you’ll please return to these very words of my deepest gratitude that you were there for me, that you saved me and that you did it all with a such a beautiful smile – may God bless you good doctor and every one of you everything the same ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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