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it’s all in the music…

March 14, 2015

Pink Floyd circa 1974-5 by Hipgnosis

in my head in my heart and literally in every gleaming thread of who i am and i wouldn’t ever have it any other way – that’s the neverending tonic for the soul that a simple song with that perfect feeling can deliver upon every time you need it – it’s an altogether uplifting gift that arrives in an instant and can last for a lifetime – as to what it is and why it is that very clearly’s a credit that can only ever be given to inspiration – and let it be said that inspiration whether we realize it or not is best defined as a moment when we’re entirely listening to God in the way of the holy spirit within – and by the further grace of God it seemingly happens with artists across every spectrum of creativity there is and because of it we’re all that much the better for it – over the years i’ve come to discover that the words it just came to me seem to strongly resonate from one tale to the next when it comes to the story of creating a true masterpiece – yet not necessarily every artist sees the greater light as to what it is that’s just been so graciously given to them yet then again many of them do – one of the more wonderful of just such a story that’s been a long celebrated chapter in musical history is that of handel’s messiah – still so very well adored and so highly loved 273 years after first being performed in dublin to a completely enraptured audience, handel’s messiah long ago transcended simply being just another excellent composition – unlike nearly any other performance in history in the same genre and the same setting, handel’s messiah comes to a place with the arrival of the hallelujah chorus to where you literally feel as if you’re rising into heaven itself – what’s so further wonderful from there is bearing witness to just that in seeing the entire audience standing to their feet so clearly being swept away in the pure joy of the holy spirit literally and collectively singing out loud for the whole wide world to hear – it’s a moment so exceptionally unique even in the hundreds of widely ranging performances i’ve been so fortunate to see in my life and it’s no small wonder in any way that handel himself is said to have recounted the moment of his writing the hallelujah chorus as a time when i did think i did see all heaven before me and the great God himself – and i imagine that’s as profound of an experience as one could ever have in the endeavor of creating any work of art – it’s as profound for the writer as it is as personal for the listener and therein lies a connection in life that can never truly be made in quite the same uniquely moving fashion – that to me is what i can only ever best and most singularly describe as that feeling – and i love it – wishing you one in the very same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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