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so what’ve you been doing the past thirty years…

April 6, 2015


is what was ever so casually yet very genuinely said to me just so many days ago – and you know when he said it the entire weight of the world appeared in front of me as once upon a time and oh so long ago we’d been friends – the weight of the world appeared and then literally in an instant my heart said i heard what he said and what i’m getting out of it is that the 2 of you have come together on the same path for the sheer purpose of inspiration and not a comparison as one of us at this point is astoundingly wealthy and one of us that being me is not, at least not yet – what was so further perfectly beautiful in finding my friend after all of these years was bearing witness to his giving so freely from his heart and from his bankbook in donating well into six figures just the evening before to the benefit of our so incredibly deserving seriously injured war veterans – indeed he’s a man with a heart far more widely reaching than even that of his enterprise which is rapidly running into national expansion all throughout this great land of ours – it’s a wonderful reality in life coming to a place where you can pause even if only for an instant so as to see everything that’s happening for what it really is, even more so in seeing everything with a silver lining – after all it’s that silver lining that serves to remind us and to lead us into all that is good and all that has already been written for the better of us –

so we had a very nice albeit rather brief conversation that windy afternoon at the tournament and it seems even if it’s another thirty years before we chat once again there was already very clearly a wealth of good that arrived in my life just in the spirit of what it so nicely was in and of itself as a simple conversation – and then again on the other hand should this be the beginning of a new and entirely unforeseen chapter in getting to know one another far better than before now by way of our respective ventures then that’ll be just fine just the same – i try not to question why our many paths in life come to cross as they do other than taking the lead of that very first impression knowing very well that’s when God’s telling us so very quickly and so very quietly as to exactly what is happening – and every time I take that perfect lead it allows me to receive the most fantastically amazing gift in that as i listen I then know right there and then where i’m headed next and right where i’m needed the most in sharing the good word as well as in hopefully creating a smile, a happy and lasting laughter and maybe even something really good for everyone to benefit from for a very long time to come – so robin sorensen my old friend i’d like to say thank you for everything so wonderfully generous you’re already doing and thank you everything the same for further reminding me of just how beautiful life can be when we’re looking – wishing you all one in the very same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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