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not my chemicals…

May 3, 2015


are the words that arrived from the sudden image that instantly became all that i could see – as to why they appeared’s been an altogether rather common theme in recent years as meetings with one new soul to the next have been at a wonderfully high frequency, even more so with many of them having the most tender of hearts – and then again these very words arrived with everything of the same lucidity for that of the steadily emerging feeling of my living a newly-found and somewhat neverending party that’s rapidly taking over many of my days with a thrill and a smile that’s been missing for far too many years – it’s such a captivating way of life in connecting in to what it is and where it is i’m desiring to have the days of my life unfold with many of them now becoming more and more of exactly everything i’m imagining – it’s a gift that i’ve never taken lightly yet it’s also one that i’ve never appreciated this greatly as I’m steadily understanding on an entirely deeper and far more intrinsic level that it’s all straight from the hands of God himself – it’s all straight from the hands of God himself and that’s as good as it gets and indeed far better than anything else I could ever know or even wonder about – after all this life’s just a fantasy once we’ve truly awakened to the so-called reality of what it is to be alive and living life in the way that it’s intended to be lived at our own unique direction as given within – yet in stepping up and fully into this wonderful fantasy there’s a door that only we can ever be the ones to open in getting there as no one else no matter who they are can ever do it for us – and let it further be said that finding that door only ever comes from our quieting our mind in a way that we can actually let in that beautifully small and silent voice from within so as to begin hearing the very words of God as he speaks in the way of the holy spirit

and therein arrived that very image that day as the greatest awakening i’ve ever experienced in finally being led to realizing the difference – and truly realizing the difference came in finally understanding that as much as i knew it felt everything so wonderful in the way of all that’s so stimulating to the high-flying mind in the way of chemicals running about this way that way and every other way in between, i knew this was different – this was so very different in that these were not my chemicals, this was God – wishing you one in the very same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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