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all the way alive…

May 22, 2015

is exactly what it was we were all feeling at a level rarely found in contemporary music in quite the soul-flying fashion as it is when this modern day rock’n’roll superstar takes the stage – yet that’s what it was and that’s what it is when the man that made live opens it up and begins pouring his heart out like a phoenix in full flight – having had quite the wonderful fortune in seeing so many top-shelf and rather legendary artists over a relatively young lifetime, it’s my feeling in recollecting all the way back to seeing the king himself in late 1976 that i’ve never seen anyone better – he’s been behind the very finest of american made rock’n’roll ever since the release of the first live record titled mental jewelry and from there it’s been quite an elevated ride into the fast lane with the very best of anyone who’s ever recorded a song – yes such lofty words may get bandied about this way that way and the other far too often in the way of the hype machine that’s always surrounded the music scene yet with this cat every word of it’s well beyond meritorious – and that kind of merit only ever comes from having the goods to back it all up in the way of a history of groundbreaking records with a handful of them actually of quite the monumental standing such as throwing copper, secret samadhi and five – what’s further amazing from there’s just how commanding and complete of a performer he is clearly giving up every thread of his soul when he’s leading the band with his exceptionally passionate vocals, yes he’s truly that good – and then when he came out right into the fray with the rest of us free of any security he totally became one with an already well-enraptured audience that couldn’t have been any more elated at just how amazingly tight of a show was underway that evening – and to think it was just him and a friend on guitar pulling off an acoustic set with all of the thunder of the rest of a band that wasn’t even there left us all that much more the floored

he’s a famous writer, a fascinating singer and a frontman with all of the naturally fitting moxie that’s ever been necessary – he’s a fellow brother from pennsylvania and quite the friendly dude everything the same – and to me and to a great many he’s indeed a true diamond in the american cultural scene – and so it is i say to one edward joel kowalczyk thank you for all of the wonderful music and keep up the incredible work my friend! – wishing you all God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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