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with a rush and a wink…

May 31, 2015


a thrilling adventure began just several days ago yet it seems like one that’ll very likely be for a lifetime – at least that’s been the story for me all the way back to 1981 when my then all the way cooler than cool big brother jimmy came home that day with a copy of a brand new record titled moving pictures – and from there with just the one listen it was all over for the both of us as the very next thing big brother came home with was a shiny new set of perfectly loud sounding drums which i rather quickly commandeered away from him within just weeks thereby effectively returning him to the keys at which he was already very good at – and so it was that year as my 11th seeing the further and far faster fueling of what’s been an extraordinary time of it in one way or the other in the world of high-test rock’n’roll – mom set it all into motion with that wonderfully glorious console stereo piece that dad still has to this very day in the way of her always having it on – and she always had it on whether it was breathing life into one of her favorite records or whether she simply had it tuned into the hit parade of the day on some cool station out in the countryside of oregon and then thereafter right from another city that never sleeps as it was when we lived just outside of philadelphia – i was quite the fortunate son as well as that of the very well-loved little brother and i’ll never forget it let alone feel anything less than blessed because of it right to this very day –

and so it was in coming full circle just last sunday as a way of both congratulating a nephew for a job exceptionally well done as such an accomplished young man at eighteen just about to graduate as well as it being such a perfect way of further bonding together by way of the music we both love and very much live just the same as players – in fact a better resonating harmony there simply cannot be as indeed that’s where i’ve always found such an elevated vibrancy in life all throughout my years as relatively brief as they are effectively having only reached the age of 24 as an adult since first supposedly becoming one at 21, lol! – and in that greater spirit of the 45 year-old now at 24 we ran an amazing road trip to the southern reaches of florida that’ll forever stand out as the conversation was as steady as it was lively all the while with the drive in a 2015 mustang making it that much the better and at times the faster as well, lol again! – and just as my dear nephew duncan is all of eighteen so was i all those 27 years ago when big brother jimmy took me for the first of what has now ever so excitingly been ten times in seeing these favorite sons of the great white north and hands down my very favorite band in the world that we all otherwise best know simply as rush – what a truly grand time it was last sunday evening and i can only hope it’ll be the first of a lifetime of many more such wonderful experiences everything the same – wishing you all God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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