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i am passion…

June 18, 2015


and in every way of the spirit and the strength and the love of God within me it’s all happening – it’s all happening and it always has been even when for the many of most of my years I was blinded by the light of thinking the man in my mind was actually the one at the wheel – how fascinating it truly is in the capacity i’m constantly gaining in finding so much amusement at the earlier version of me – yet that’s the way it is in life when we’ve finally and fully embraced the journey of what it is that’s leading us onto the path that so many earlier forks in the road have ultimately and nonetheless now lead to, my path – and i’m finding all of it to be quite the thrilling ride in so many ways – you see there’s always been a feeling right from the very beginning in the way that it felt in just going with it as to who i was made to be and that indeed’s lead to a lifetime of seemingly unlimited memories of meeting and making new friends – as well as meeting and making new friends it’s very much also been carrying on in shall we say the fondest and the funnest of fashion with all of those i’ve always been so close with from the truest of friends to the very select few i’ve come to have the most wonderfully heartfelt love for that’s made my life far from ordinary and for it all i’m thankful beyond measure – and let it be said that it’s the most exceptionally loving of a gift by the grace of God in forever feeling such a tie to those so close to me whether it be in a loving embrace of the here and now or whether it’s in only the most moving of memories, either way it’s love and it’ll never end

i’m no different than the many of us in having lost loved ones that’ve already moved on from this version of what it is we believe life to be and just the same i’ve had the hidden blessing of realizing there was absolutely no other way other than completely leaning into God in trying to find my way back after hearing the words i don’t love you any more after nineteen years – yet even in this journey of the last four years of painfully great discovery to all that i was so blind to for the whole of my life i’m still defined by the one constant, the constant of love – and that it is as i’ve never stopped loving God and i’ve never stopped loving and believing in myself as well as believing in the promise that was placed in the very foundation of my heart as i believe it is in all of our hearts from our very first beat in that my greatest days are indeed ahead of me – i see it i believe it and i feel it everything the same – and just as it is within me so it is in front of me in the developing reality i live in as one in the same that i’m steadily coming to realize to my far greater happiness that i indeed decide uponand when that’s the clarity we’re coming from everything can only ever happen with passion – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 

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