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kelly’s in the city…

July 10, 2015


streets in the middle of the pace of the people in a party celebrating what it is to simply see life in all of its colors and yet the many of them still went blind when he simply said please – so sad it was at the onset yet a surprise it just unfortunately wasn’t – all that he first said to me with the sweetest sincerity was literally please brother can you spare just ninety cents for me to get back home…to my tent? – thankfully i had a few bills with me and i fastly handed him a five knowing in every thread of who I am and in how I was raised that it was absolutely the right thing to do – he quickly and very graciously thanked me as if i’d given him the whole entire world as he further told me he’d already asked some seventy one other people (as he said he’d counted) before me with not a one of them willing to lend a hand – he then went on to ask me in a rhythm of hope and as if he very clearly already knew were we christians to which we immediately both answered yes – at that moment a far greater sense of life rapidly began returning to his eyes that previously was nearly absent as if his very faith was beginning to effectively zero out – and then he requested of us with such a longing in his heart if we’d indeed pray over him and that’s exactly what we did – in fact kelly further pleaded in the softest of hearts (yet one that was clearly hurting) if we’d each take ahold of his hands and “do this right” were his words with a glint in his eye as if hope was now returning to his presence right at that very instant as we did – we prayed over this humble and hurting man as he told us he was an army veteran from the iraqi conflict and that his challenge since coming home has been that he’s become an alcoholic in trying to wash away the truly harrowing pain of post traumatic stress disorder (or “ptsd” as it’s so often referred to as) and that it’s now landed him on the streets –

so i said everything that i was led to say from within offering kelly as much brotherly love as i knew how in the way of encouraging him to feel the strength of God within him in the way of the holy spirit and further encouraging him that even i as his brand new acquaintance believed in his ability to rise up and through the challenges in front of him as he like the rest of us has been gifted with blessings the world is needing from him – to that prayer kelly further came to life as he ever so graciously thanked us again for lending him a hand and even more so for our praying for him as he actually quite amazingly and so incredibly lovingly referred to me at that point as pastor, by which of course i’d never been called ever before yet what an honor it was as he said it nonetheless – and then such as life is so often we simply went our separate ways with kelly disappearing into the night and my nephew and i heading onto the rest of artwalk yet something foundationally had changed within us – something so foundationally had changed within us as no longer could we see everything through the same eyes as before as we’d now been given an entirely unexpected and exceptionally profound gift of newly seeing and feeling with a far greater perspective of compassion for our fellow man – in reflecting it was truly a gift of many blessings effectively being offered for only a spare ninety cents yet in just a matter of mere minutes what was given to us we quickly and thankfully realized was simply priceless, kelly our prayers are with you brother – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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