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destiny, determination and God…

July 28, 2015

is exactly the equation well underway in getting me there right on time and in just the right fashion – and as much as it may seem all the way to the contrary at moments in our lives when some things seemed toʼve suddenly headed sideways, iʼve ever so thankfully come to learn from the wisdom of the ages that itʼs these very markers thatʼll indeed further and far faster guide us as we gain the perspective of recognizing them for what they really are right as theyʼre happening – in fact iʼm finding they can actually even serve to lift us directly onto the far righter track weʼve been meant for all along – as well iʼm coming to further find that as we rise up in nearly instantly embracing these initially unwelcome changes, and even more so the ones that seem so destabilizing, that something rather amazing happens – something rather amazing and at times truly confounding happens when weʼre new to the game of truly unlimited faith in that the so-called coincidence of good timing begins happening with new windows lifting as well as entirely new doors beginning to appear if not indeed swinging wide open – 

yet this isnʼt exactly what weʼll find as weʼre coming into these kind of changes if itʼs with an ineffectively blind heart as thatʼs an altogether different reality – however, that can all turn on a dime in one swift measure in finally finding faith in the purest sense of everything that it is to believe in the almighty hand of God leading us in love at every turn in our lives – yet in turning on that dime itʼs imperative in understanding that itʼs entirely upon us as the one to raise our hand in reaching out and up and ultimately within in finding the greater love of God – yet right as we do thatʼs when it all changes into a life less ordinary and indeed to a one far more extraordinary than itʼs ever been before as thatʼs the overwhelmingly wild and wonderful way of living from within the holy spirit – and when itʼs a life of living from within the holy spirit itʼs a life of freely following the light in everything that we do and in everwhere that we travel from one minute to the next and thatʼs where truly living all begins, and all it takes is just the slightest touch of complete faith – wishing you one in the very same and Godʼs every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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