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the 12th light…

August 14, 2015


came in an instant after a season of many years of a far lesser feeling of love than anything i would’ve ever opted for, yet it did arrive – and thank God for it – in the classic light of saying it was just a matter of time i imagine rings rather true yet when it all began those very words only added to the hurt – nonetheless time certainly has ferreted out to be an ally in the healing yet in getting to that exact point it was a far greater matter of diving deep well beyond where i ever knew even existed – in other words in all of the intensive introspection day after day and for now what’s been year after year, it was the guiding word of God himself as he is within us that literally began writing the story of what can only be called the answer – and quite an answer it’s been in as great of a depth as much as that of a truly unlimited love unlike i’d ever felt before – and in that answer as to the why and the when and what would otherwise be a frightening what now, a far greater light of the very meaning of life itself and how to live it has been so lovingly revealed to me and that’s made it all well more than worth the tremendously painful freight that’s been paid on it in getting there –

in this time i’ve come to further understand with more and more of an instantaneous precision so many of the amazing ways that God’s hand is perfectly guiding me in all that i’m doing and in everywhere that i’m headed, and for that i am thankful well beyond what any words could ever express – and as that’s all happening i’m finding myself living every day with the truly soul-satisfying feeling that all is weller than well and that i am indeed on the very path of my greatest destiny – and in that destiny there’s further been a truly immeasurable faith now resonating within me that’s leading me into the fast lane of my dreams where i’m seeing and hearing so much more of everything that cannot be seen and heard yet i am as that’s the way of the light as it is within us as the holy spirit – it’s as fascinating as it is funny at times at how otherwise improbable something would seem to be in happening yet when we’re coming into a way of life of designing our days just to our liking and then seeing it happen we also now know why it’s happening – and that is truly living life as it was intened to be at the hand of God as simply met with a faithful vision – i can only imagine just how beautifully wonderful my second act is surely going to be and therein lies the brilliance of it all in that i, just like you, only need to imagine it as when it’s with God it’ll indeed most certainly come to be – wishing you one in the very same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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