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that feeling of fall…

September 1, 2015


is simply an exquisite one for me and it always has been – indeed i can even feel it under the blazing sun of what it still very clearly is on a florida day come the first of september – at a time in life when thoughts of wonder and thoughts of grandeur still fill my heart with a passion for the ages, such it is that i’m very much alive with all of the spirit of a still starry-eyed nine year-old just as it was in that wonderful year of 1979 – in further reflecting i’m realizing it’s been such a lasting blessing all along and likewise one that’s been so masterfully painted with the most colorful of all of the colors there ever have been – of course fall is yet to really arrive by way of the calendar let alone the total absence of anything in the way of a crisp cool day with that perfect breeze here in my part of the world, nonetheless something so comforting comes into my spirit as this day approaches and ever so thankfully here it is once again – and it is beautiful – it’s so beautiful in that i literally begin seeing everything with an entirely different set of lenses – rose-colored, rhyme-colored and very much constantly happy-colored, can you imagine such a thing? – 

well apparently and ever so thankfully i did all those many years ago as a child in the outer reaches of greater philadelphia and to this very day it’s been everything of a gift that a true gift ever could be – living life one day at a time with the best of intentions and the far better-fitting perspective that turns on inside of me every year on this very day gives me the further feeling that everything so wonderful and even greater than that is indeed possible and upon me – knowing the trees all’ll soon be dancing in their finest display and knowing the temperatures will more sooner than later return to the warmth of needing a well-loved sweater and an extra perfectly broken-in blanket for me is bliss – knowing the best of the holidays are all upon us with all of the majesty and memories of some of what it is that makes life so exceptional leads me into an even wider smile – and knowing the snow is getting ready to come out of retirement to once again cover the hills and the mountains with the color of peace has me all ready for the best of everything so wonderful about the world of skiing, and that as well makes me exceptionally happy – and so it is every year i’m constantly amazed that such a perfect feeling arrives within me in just the one minute right at the hand of midnight just as it did once again late last evening, and for it all i say with the greatest of sincerity, thank you God – wishing you one in the very same and God‘s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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