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one single thread of spirit left…

September 26, 2015

is a feeling for some of us from time to time that can tend to be entirely menacing yet that’s only if we ever let it begin to truly get the better of us – and that sometimes certainly seems far easier said than what it is to be done in getting back that seemingly all to elusive upper hand – yet it can be done and it must be done otherwise we’ll end up done – and thankfully it’s only ever a simple matter of taking inventory – yes it’s just a matter of taking inventory in the way of counting out the blessings, your blessings, each and every one of them you can possibly think of from the slightest of them all to the grandest of them all – 

and that’s quite possibly as simple as truly realizing just how fortunate you are in having your health or maybe it’s something as fleeting and uplifting as someone, maybe even a complete stranger, having smiled at you just minutes ago – and then again maybe you’re so fortunate to have at least one other human being somewhere in this wide and wonderful world of ours who absolutely loves you endlessly and unconditionally – and then again maybe you have at least the one exceptionally happy memory in your life that’d make for one of the sweetest scenes ever seen on the silver screen, and isn’t that just a beautiful feeling? – 

when we really truly give pause in reflecting outside and away of everything that the lesser of our emotions are presently doing their very best, or shall we say they’re very worst, in trying to get the better of us, it typically and quickly becomes very readily apparent that nothing that’s happening is really ever anything other than what we decide that it is – in other words we are indeed our very own master of this so-called reality as in a way it all flows so freely as the most wonderful friend that each and every one of our imaginations truly can be and in fact is – after all the finest of neuroscience taught us long ago that it’s in the imagination as connected to the central nervous system where the instantaneous genesis of everything we’re ever feeling happens in every waking moment, and isn’t that just amazing? –

what’s so sad for the many of us is never practically realizing that we are indeed the one and only leader in this game of feelings – and such a grand game that it is as it truly only ever is you or me, myself and i deciding what it is we’ll feel at every single turn, after all we’re the one on the throne – and it’s perfectly fine if you’re not believing me, yet I wonder if you’ll believe your very own memory and even more so your life’s single greatest memory? – so go ahead and give it a second or two as it’s coming to you, can you see it…….are you feeling that? –

ahh now isn’t that just wonderful and can anyone else see your newly-found smile? – feeling a bit if not a whole world better than you just were? – you know right after that of what is to be a loving light of simple inspiration in your every step on your every path, gaining the upper hand in the world of what it is we’re feeling is perhaps the most beautiful power you’ll ever find in this life – 

and now it’s up to you to do yourself a most wonderful favor by way of “installing” this highly unique and ever so powerful shall we say “happy app” right there front and center on the desktop of that likely highly over-active mind of yours, and from here forever moving forward simply tap on it anytime you’re ever feeling less than where you’d like to be – it’s a neverending gift of truly priceless peace as the unlimited power within you all as gifted by the most perfect of God-given design – wishing you one in the very same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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