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for a friend unlike any other…

October 9, 2015


we’ll only ever remember you in the lense of very loving eyes and what it was to have the blessing of your constant companionship for these past 2 years – little fella you clearly were the sweetest of souls as you went about living with a zeal and a zest for every ounce of life you ever had in hand – you my friend lived with a surety and a flare that at once said i’m so happy just to be here as much as it said so calmly welcome to my world – you had a confidence many on 2 legs never gain in a lifetime yet with you there it was for any and all to see and smile at in any given moment… 

and then there was your favorite pastime riding shotgun not in the front seat of the car yet rather right across the shoulders of your loved ones, and for it i’ll never be the same – even more so as you did just the same one more time just 2 evenings ago, little fella you moved me and i thank you for it as that and you were the perfect embodiment of love and you always will be – 

your stay in this fascinating thing we call life was clearly far too brief yet with your every moment you touched us all – why you arrived in a severely compromised fashion we’ll never know yet my goodness the fortitude and the fight you pressed on with served as an inspiration in every way – the way in which you could leap to the heavens during gametime well beyond that of the others was truly exceptional and clearly said i love my life – and little fella we loved your life as well, we loved your spirit and in fact we loved everything about you and that’ll truly live on forever – 

as to when we’ll meet again I feel it may have already been yet that’s a tale maybe best saved for another time – as for now our hearts are hurting and our thoughts are longing to see you just the one more time knowing one day off in the distant future that indeed we will – godspeed to you little winston, we all love you ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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