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it’s all on the other side…

November 5, 2015


of simply going for it or so it would seem from so much of everything ever said by all of those seemingly already in the know – in other words it would appear that all of the truest satisfaction ever to be found only ever actually appears when you finally arrive – and in some ways that certainly is true – however, in many others it’s a far grander equation than simply one thing leads to another – one thing does quite often lead to another when it’s with intention in getting to the greater goal, and indeed done with discipline every one thing collectively can further lead to our arriving right there at the destination of our dream – and that destination certainly can be exceptionally rewarding yet it’s all for not when the destination being sought after’s missing the joy of the journey in getting there –  

it’s truly appreciating the joy in the journey that not only breeds greater happiness in the end yet it inevitably clears the path in making sure we never miss out on all of the adventure all along the way – and it’s in the adventure as to where the overriding happiness in life always happens – and why in the world would any one of us ever desire to miss out on any of that? – after all we’re not here to live under a condition of if and when and then I’ll be happy anywhere near as much as we are in simply living in the here and now in the present, deciding we’ll be happy all along the way – 

one minute ago’s already all the way gone and one minute from now may indeed never arrive – in fact it’s come to a greater light in the finest of neuroscientific discoveries that we really never have any way of truly perceiving anything other then a couple of seconds just before the present and maybe two more into the future beyond that – and maybe to say it best as to why that is is simply to say it is what it is –  

in the greater spirit of comprehending just that is what ultimately redelivers me right back to where I am in just this very moment – and as I do everything that fear’s been doing it’s best in trying to get the better of me just vanishes and I return to who I am and indeed who I was born to be right from the very beginning fully ready to live with the greatest of passion thriving in the giving of every God-given gift I’ve ever been so fortunate to be blessed with – following from there only the best of everything that ever was as well as the best of everything I’ve ever imagined possible instantly and ever so beautifully become all that I now can see – and that is happiness in the state of perfection – wishing you one in the very same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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