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love lost in a time of tragedy…

November 21, 2015

can only ever lead any soul to wonder why desperately hoping there’s some far greater reason well beyond anything we’d typically ever realize in this version of what we know to be as life – and so it was that a very happy couple barely 2 degrees away from a new and rather stately friend of mine arrived for a celebration of a decade of loving happiness together for what they surely felt would be for a lifetime – as they traveled along with all of the mirth and merriment of jolly old england to the city of love and the very cafe where they’d first met and fell for one another one can imagine they surely further had to be feeling so very thankful for the life they’d come to live together in one another’s arms these past many years – and then all in an instant everything changed, forever

everything changed forever right as blind hatred crossed their path with a most senselessly devastating end – right there and then a good man lost his wife that evening just as so many others lost their lives so suddenly so unexpectedly and ever so crushingly, and it’s not alright and one can only wonder when it ever will be again – as for why such an end would find it’s way into any of the lives lost in paris just seven days ago let alone a wife being swept off of her feet in such a loving fashion as that of what it is to celebrate her wedding anniversary in the very location of where her life changed forever for the better is indeed a question that’ll likely never be answered –

surely the pain in wondering why for this one man, the friend of a sister of a friend, already’s a nearly unbearable cross to bear yet with the love of the better part of all of the world at his side we can only hope he’ll indeed in some way come to draw upon that collective strength in finding his way back to living, for the both of them… surely his minutes must now feel as if they’re years as much as the years they had together must now feel as if they’d passed by in minutes, and of course such is the story of life for us all yet for this man it’s all now far more different than likely any of us can ever imagine – and for that and all of everything as to why we’re given a life, in the end it’s all only ever a matter of how we loved in the time we lived – and so very clearly these two truly lived and loved and for one of them died at the height of love and everything so wonderful about it yet for them both they’ll always know that’s where they were and what they had when their time came to an end of what it is as we know it in this version of life –

in helping him and all of the others in somehow eventually coming to find a greater peace let us pray with all of our hearts sending every thread of love we possibly can – let us keep them in our thoughts as we come together in a world of solidarity never letting any further life to be given to those only seeking to kill – let us have the strength to say what we mean as well as to mean what we say – and Joseph while I may not know you my heart nonetheless goes out to as I pray for you and all of the others hoping healing will indeed happen as peacefully as possible and as completely as possible everything the same – wishing you all God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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