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the wealth in a mind…

December 31, 2015


and everything so far beyond it in the the heart, that’s where it is and what it’s all about in this hectic life of a to z, 1-2-3 and it is what it is – yet not every one of us necessarily sees that, and to any of the ones in the blind it’s a rather sad state of affairs – in this so-called modern day we’re running about in so many’ve have seemed to arrive into their very own little space where it’s all appearingly so neat and tidy and free of any static yet that’s not where anything that’ll ever matter truly ever happens as it’s very much in no way anything that’s really even real – 

with every passing year in this glimmering age of a technorati overdrive there’s a gathering perspective of the viability of truly capturing the perfectly self-designed island life – and it’s in this finely focused fantasy built upon me myself and i (as well as the i in our hand) where all may at first seem so wonderfully pleasing from one second to the next as if we’ve somehow found the pinnacle of perfect living when in effect what we’ve fashioned is indeed a gathering void – it’s a gathering void to where far too many of us (and particularly those riding high on the cutting edge of the youthful frontier) are effectively fleecing ourselves of the greatest strength we can ever attain in this life in the way of truly connecting in and further carrying on with others with compassion – and missing that i dare say’s definitely not a good thing – 

in a time of tapping in with an instantaneous touch to this that or virtually anything the other, really getting into it with some other soul with any sense of real humanity’s rapidly descending into something far less than anything that’s real – and it’s happening with a greater and greater disconnect steadily rising to the surface as simply and quite adeptly fueled from the beautifully marketed delusion that it’s better just because it’s faster – yet that’s not it, it never was, it still isn’t and it never will be – 

after all it’s all about the quality in relating to others in any of our relationships let alone the truly important ones as to what ends up mattering in the end – and given that it’s all in the quality it’s an intrinsic given as well in that quality relationships take time in building, yet when it’s done right they become nearly invincible and far more often for a lifetime – indeed the better we are in engaging the better we are in living and the better we are in living the better we are in actually thriving and isn’t that what any one of us really wants out of life? – 

so in finding our way once again in returning to the center of where it really all happens it’s vital in our collectively understanding that when it comes to technology as compared to people everything digital typically just doesn’t matter – after all when it’s without merit (and so often of the time it simply is) we have to put it away and return to the art of listening with our eyes as they’re not only the window to the soul yet they’re typically the very story of the heart – and when it’s coming from the heart then and only then is when we find that truly invaluable and often times far too fleeting feeling that it’s all worth it – wishing you all one in the very same at the greatest of godspeed ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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