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i remember when…

March 21, 2016

and it’s all like it was only yesterday and i can see and hear everyone laughing and having such a grand time of it just as we did seemingly countless times all across these many years – there we were the better part of an entire family of many lively and primarily irish personalities with not the every one of them necessarily always in agreement with the next one yet in looking back that was absolutely the imperative thread of what made it so exceptionally spirited so much of the time –

it all began in being completely captivated coming up through the better days of a rather fascinating childhood listening to so many riveting stories of these wonderful gatherings and get-togethers that at times sounded as if they’d never arrive at any kind of ending yet of course they always did – now to say the merrier one version of the family may’ve been from an earlier time to that of any more the recent would simply be altogether pointless as there’s no way of imagining any greater happiness, any deeper laughter nor any more resonating voices than that of what i’ve seen and lived through so joyously for myself firsthand, and out of it all i’m very much the better for it in every way –

to further say just how happy of an affair it truly was so often of the time is to very rightly say it was quite like celebrating with all of the very same spirit in the most wonderfully radiant fashion of old fezziwig so joyously leading all those so fortunate just in being at his as the happiest of all the christmastime parties in london, it was indeed merrymaking at its finest – and even if wasn’t always quite exactly like i’m now so joyfully remembering that it may have been, i’m everything as blessed everything the same and just as blessed i’ll surely always be – wishing you one in the very same with God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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