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coming together kinda sorta and maybe not really…

May 9, 2016

yet it is what it is and it was what it was and what it was isn’t exactly all that clear yet then again I really feel it was, kinda – as to how it happened that’s no small wonder and in no way was it a coincidence as there absolutely is no such thing as a coincidence in the way that i’ve ever so fascinatingly come to comprehend it – yet the fact that it did happen as it did happen left me entirely in disbelief for all of a second or maybe as many as 30 and then it was all simply laughter, and then even more laughter thereafter – after all there we were one day away from the fifth year passed ever so poetically right at the very peak of a perfectly sun-setting scene dividing 2 entirely separate lives as well as 2 entirely different worlds – and finally and thankfully it’s all weller than well and it didn’t hurt any more as indeed a gift greater than any other i ever could’ve imagined let alone never could’ve paid for’s surely been delivered right on-time in the highest of clarity and with the very finest in life-defining resolution

and so it was on an otherwise rather pedestrian finish to another satisfying day as the glimmering shine of an ever-radiant spin told me there she is that’s her and i cannot believe she’s almost right in front of me – and such it was that only a few hundred feet kept us away from one another if not still very near as the natural pace of traffic eventually and rather quickly had its way and then it happened – 

in simple simplicity as everything else temporarily vanished it was now only a tale of the 2 mustangs, one of the past and one of the very here and now running right to the very top of the causeway in a flurry of a faster fashion running side-by-side if only for the few fleeting seconds yet running as one as it once so happily was – so there she was as strikingly pretty as ever gently smiling and seemingly oblivious to it all with the other and apparently fairly older fellow riding right there at her side and it didn’t make any sense and then it all made absolutely perfect sense, every thread of it and it all happened and it all passed in an instant and then everything was fine – 

and to think in reflecting that it all happened in barely under a mere 2000 days of living, learning, laughing and loving in every way that i never knew before all simply to get right here finally thriving in a newly-found destination called happiness is to see a soul as highly-blessed as their ever was in this or any other lifetime and for it all with a thankfulness far greater than any other i say thank you – wishing you one in the very same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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