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take that s*** to the suburbs, burn that s*** down she said…

August 16, 2016

and as mindlessly said as it just was it all comes from their having been preyed upon and watered-down upon for so long now with the completely horrifying inner city plantation set-up of johnson’s highly deleterious and entirely racist great society scheme to the degree that the lesser and least educated in these otherwise shamelessly neglected and nearly altogether forgotten neighborhoods resort to the lesser and woefully mis-serving baser aspects of humanity –

johnson hoped and more or less knew they’d primarily keep to themselves and from there kill one another in disturbingly high numbers as well as fill the corridors of the soul-stealing entity that planned parenthood so clearly is, and that’s exactly what’s been happening for 50 years now – and the likes of jackson, sharpton, barry obama and so many other seemingly countless community organizers or aldermen like the fanciful thief up in milwaukee continue preying on their own with the coordinated help of our sickly twisted goody-gumshoe cabal of a scam mainstream media right there in lockstep with them keeping themselves high on power and control while nothing ever gets better and the good people suffer and then boil over from there – and what’s worse is that it’s all effectively being encouraged by our fantastically wonderful president and his shockingly pathetic lack of true leadership as he instead sums it all up in recently and very wrecklessly asking how would you feel?
and what’s further worse from there is that there’s seemingly no one other than a very limited minority of the minorities like James T Harris with the free-thinking wit as found in tandem with the ever so critically necessary courageous willingness to stand up and say it like it really is –

i remember these elitist-type twits in their pathetic clicks in every hallway of all of the schools i ever attended and while they were rather annoying back then they’re now very dangerous in the halls of the mainstream media and the dnc and whatever other backrooms they gather in where they plot and plan their deranged version and vision of the future of this once great land, that’s what’s happening and we absolutely must put an end to it at every turn

indeed, i dare say we’re at the very beginning of what must be an american spring in rising up and through and above all of those of the very worst already among us as in every way it’s high time for the new american revolution in getting back everything good that we ever once had – after all all of our kids of every race, color and creed and their very future are all counting on us –
wishing you all every blessing at the very greatest of godspeed ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 

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