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and then it happened…

August 26, 2016

as a day arrived just as nearly every other one in my life ever has in where i opened my eyes and saw so many of the possibilities and all to some relatively engaging degree or typically even greater than that, i was ready to take it all in with a smile and a rather swift kick just for good measure – and so it was yet again this very morning and then something happened – something altogether very different that i didn’t have any idea was about to happen began happening with a very well-timed word or two coming through in just the right fashion from two very dear friends that i dare say know me even better than what i may myself as all in an instant it lifted up and away as fleetingly as a gentle wind having rather quickly come and just as fastly having already gone – 

and what a simply glorious and incredibly liberating feeling it is in finally being free of the painfully pressing guilt that five years on still had me rather paralyzed feeling that i wasn’t any more worthy than that of being left behind after 20 years together with the one i truly always felt would absolutely be the one for a lifetime and indeed well beyond that – 

yet she gave in in apparently finally giving up as rather unfortunately she just wasn’t and it wasn’t what i thought it always was for these past 24 years as i’ve very thankfully come to realize in the way of a far greater peace finally and ever so lovingly resonating all around and within my heart once again – 

and while i’ll always be immeasurably grateful for everything so amazing that she was and did and hoped for for and with me completely appreciating every minute of it even more so now that it’s all just a distant memory, i’ve nonetheless finally come to accept this day for the definitive entirety of what it is as even further i’m now finding myself totally embracing everything so newly undiscovered and still perfectly beautiful that lies in front of me simply waiting to be seen

in the end it was what it was, it is what it is and God-willing everything ahead of me’ll be even better and brighter and greater than i’ve ever imagined it could possibly ever be, and for it all i emphatically say thank you – wishing you all every blessing at the greatest of godspeed ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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