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reflecting in red…

November 22, 2016

on everything that’s so unexpectedly happened in such a truly incredible fashion in this past year in the american life is nothing short of a modern day miracle – indeed, it’s the modern miracle of our time as a nation steadily drifting away and into the greater depths of the sea of failed social engineering had literally found itself agonizing seven ways to sunday in all of the heavily false grandeur of the highly deceptive globalist ideal – 

and then I daresay in the very finest spirit of nearly everything that embodied what it was all the way back in 1776, our horse finally and ever so fiercely came racing in – our horse finally came racing in in the most unexpected of fashions when an individual of a most exceptional dynamic felt an overwhelming calling in standing up and fighting the good fight for the good and hurting people all across this once great and prosperous land of ours –

and fight he absolutely did – and take an unendingly ruthless and totally biased onslaught from the so-called mainstream media, he did – and stay true to his colors in saying it like he sees it, he did – and all along the way the silent revolution was given the voice it so desperately needed and so richly deserved – 

and then the day of days finally arrived on november 8th and ever so fatefully for the far left it all so beautifully went cock-up – and in the same wonderfully british spirit as nigel farage’s equally beautiful and totally anti-establishmentarian brexit victory, the very same happened here stateside to the greater salvation of us all – even for those still suffocating in the incredibly over-manufactured fear of this pathetically loathsome and mainly intellectually bankrupt so-called mainstream media of ours, salvation has indeed arrived

and in the end as it is now indeed a very brightly shining and altogether fantastically brilliant new beginning, there is hope – there is hope that a leader, an independent leader, and perhaps what’ll truly be the very greatest leader we’ve known in nearly half of a lifetime, will indeed actually do what he’s said he’ll set out in doing – afterall, when it really comes right down to it in dispassionately reflecting on the greater lot of it, so much of everything he’s already said simply made and makes rarely-heard good basic common sense – and that my fellow americans makes perfectly good sense to me –

wishing you all every blessing at the very greatest of godspeed ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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