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what a wonderful one of a kind…

January 10, 2017

lady she truly was –

i really only ever knew her in visiting the shop from time to time for something in the way of 20 years until quite unexpectedly i actually ended up having the pleasure of working with her for a day or 2 at a time for the better part of 2 years for what is now some several years ago – and in that time what i already very well knew in the beautifully sarcastic yet perfectly loving way in which she always treated Rena then became that much the better for me as well in that i now benefited in being in her delightful little world of very sharply-witted one-liners, laughter and happiness everything the same

what she did so brilliantly and likely better than almost anybody else in the whole wide world when you arrived at her shop was to make you feel as if you’d made your way over to your favorite aunt’s for a dinner that would surely finish up with your feeling that you couldn’t have paid the tidiest sum at the hoity toitiest of destinations and had any better or more heartwarming of a time of it than that of what it was in visiting with her for an hour or 2 –

in reflecting even further what i’ll forever be so exceptionally thankful for was the way in which she truly treated Rena like she was a beloved daughter – to see them in one another’s company was to see genuine harmony and a wonderfully spirited sense of contentment – it was a beautiful thing to see and something i’ll surely never ever forget as a smile in my heart’s there right this very minute as i write these very words feeling both incredibly sad at finding out of her unexpected passing as well as feeling even further so lowly in having just found out well more than a month after she left us –

in every way hers was indeed far too brief of a time in lighting the way to happiness in so many countless souls in the mere 64 years she was here yet what a tremendously immeasurable and endlessly beautiful impression she left with us all in that far too short of a time – and i for one and likely for a great many say thank you for the music that so uniquely was you Sandy Capatostayou were and forever will be a very brightly shining light in this good old weary and wonderful world of ours – godspeed to you and all of your loved ones and please tell my mother that I love her! –

wishing you all every blessing at the very greatest of godspeed ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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