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altruistic consideration of a deeply loving soul…

May 28, 2017

is a gift rarely ever resonating in the nearly blinding light that it really and truly deserves – yet ever so thankfully the greater good of this neverending blessing from literally within as well as from all around nonetheless finds its way into the lives of quite often far many more than simply the ones in front of them – 

it arrives in a smile of only the subtlest of degrees as much as it’s sometimes seen in the happiest of celebrating embraces – and then again and likely far more of the time than anyone ever realizes it’s happening when no one’s even looking as there’s nothing to be seen and not even the slightest whisper to be heard – 
yet the incredibly immeasurable wealth within the silent prayer being given as to seeking and then seeing all that is yet to even be for that of what is surely to be arriving is a love for others that defines the very meaning of life itself – 

as to the journey of the soul so endlessly giving in such a beautifully loving fashion it’s an amazing one – at times it’s a lonely one – and at times it’s a thankless one – and further from there it’s many times even a painful one – yet well above and far beyond any of the former lesser it’s absolutely always a blessed one – 

it’s such a fascinatingly blessed one as life in this lane is a lighted one – it’s a brilliantly lighted one truly unlike any other as ultimately there’s a far brighter inner peace inside of the one living and giving and altogether thriving in the complete love of knowing they’re living this wild and wonderful thing we all call life in the way it was truly intended to be – 

it’s a flying high with the eagle where the vision’s truly without an end – it’s a surety that everything’s already all alright – and it’s an understanding that perhaps can never really ever be written down in words – indeed it’s the rarefied soul with an unending love for the whole wide world – it’s a soul truly at one with giving life, with nurturing life, with protecting life and with completely loving life in all of the shapes and colors that it comes in – it’s very well the definition of a beautiful life – and in every way imaginable it’s her life – and her love – and her perfect soul – and for all of us so wonderfully fortunate in living in her greater loving light we’re surely forever blessed – 

thank you –
i love you – 
and godspeed to you in every way beautiful minnesotagirl – 

wishing every one of you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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