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{rrf} oh what a night…

June 26, 2018

it really was in the way of the greater spirit of a truly wonderful happiness that absolutely had the better of everyone there – at seemingly every turn a footloose and entirely fancy-free step led the way with everybody moving about and along from one smile to another all with the sound of sweet laughter filling the saturday evening air – and making it all even that much the better was that no one had ever said anything like this would one day happen a very long time into the far distant future seemingly a lifetime away from what we likely all had in and on our minds all the way back there in the land of nearly summer 1988 – 

such a wonderful surprise it all was with conversations abound and brimming with a rhythm and a rhyme unlike most any other I’d ever heard before – and keeping time as the incredibly tight trio they were the band likewise went about it all in a fashion as if it was only ever a matter of just press play – such a super good time of it I dare say was had by absolutely everybody there – no cliques – no hang ups – no he said she said bulls*** – indeed in further reflecting some 17 days later thirty years on what a truly grand time of it had by all so fortunate just in being there – 

and so it is that I say to anyone and everyone making all of the tremendous effort in so lovingly putting it all so perfectly together as well as every thread of sacrifice and expense made and invested by any and all just in getting there thank youthank you from every thread of my heart in so unexpectedly creating such a beautiful memory that’ll surely last for a lifetime – and as life leads us all along one very precious tick at a time may we always remember this truly magical evening that at one point none of us ever could’ve imagined even happening – wishing every one of you the very best at the greatest of godspeed ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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