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{rrf} and then I met an angel…

November 13, 2018

when at first seeing her all I could tell was everything to the contrary – after all what would anyone else feel in seeing some pretty little blonde casually stepping out of a rather bright&shiny showroom-worthy porsche as she’d just seemingly thoughtlessly parked right next to the front door of one of the town center’s destination-of-choice coffee cafes in a handicap space? – it simply wasn’t right – and I was kindly gonna let her know – kindly – and I did – yet by the love of God I thankfully left out the judgment and instead kindly went up to her and said you know they can write a really big ticket for that – 

and then in a mere instant and already with what I’d felt was the weight of the world on me in recent days&weeks I was stunned at what she said in reply – I was stunned to the very core as she ever so gracefully and heartbreakingly said to me “I have stage 4 lung cancer” – to which with every thread of love that’s ever been given to me I in turn immediately said to her “I am so sorry” and that I didn’t see any type of indication on the car as I’d walked all the way around it before heading in – and then just as quickly and incredibly kindly and likewise just as immediately she said that she didn’t have it displayed in leaving it in the glovebox by accident – and then still entirely in a state of completely distorted perspective from where I’d literally been just seconds before I asked for her forgiveness even though until that point I had no way of knowing otherwise to which she very graciously said she totally understood – 

in the several minutes that followed we spoke in greater detail as to how she’d only been given 3 months some 4 years ago and how she was nonetheless still very much winning the most unexpected fight of her life in simply staying alive – as she further shared with me that she’s a radiology specialist as well always having been an avid fitness devotee having always lived a very healthy life the poignancy of her reality absolutely overwhelmed me in feeling a far greater than ever before gratitude for not only my every blessing despite any temporarily less than desirable circumstance yet even more so in feeling and continuing to feel right to this very minute altogether overwhelmed in a way unlike ever before at the stunningly moving blessing in meeting this angel of a soul as this woman so very clearly is –

in further reflecting it seems that sometimes in life we quite unfortunately can tend to see with only a very narrow lens thereby in many ways effectively becoming deaf & blind to the far wider reality of the rest of the world and what it is they’re experiencing – and even worse at times it seems we can quite confoundingly and altogether far too intentionally turn a blind eye to others finding themselves truly in a bad kind of way – and that’s as much of a travesty as it’s likewise a tremendous blessing missed as it’s in not only knowing what others are going through even more so it’s in the understanding of firsthand as to what’s happening in another’s heart as they’re going through what they’re going through – and today as we met in initially what was the most oddly disconnecting of fashions an almost instantaneous discovery of a greater connecting compassion between 2 perfect strangers amazingly led to a feeling as if the whole wide world suddenly became just a little lighter and a little brighter thereby making everything just a little better – you’re a beautiful soul Tina Parker – wishing every one of you the very greatest of godspeed ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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