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{rrf} another middle finger…

December 18, 2018

to anyone and everyone with the simple decency of intrinsically understanding that a Christmas performance should never ever meet the scintillating dress of an outlandish vegas stripper – even more so it should very clearly never ever happen on an at-one-point relatively iconic show as this one long ago once was – yet it did – and it was quite obviously planned in being exactly what it was – and what a pointlessly-embarrassing travesty that truly is –

and there again even more so given the commanding talent of the singer, the heavy standing of the genuinely iconic song that was covered and then so super cool from there the massively added-plus in the way of the surprise guest gunslinger that was right there at her side –

saturday night live with Miley Cyrus covering happy xmas (war is over) with Sean Lennon as the obvious son of one of the greatest rock’n’roll legends there’s ever been in the way of his father John whose song it is – and Miley wears a super-shiny get-up that’s cut to the waist and spread the greater way to her shoulders thereby teasing the viewer with the potential reality of ever so provocatively flashing the twins during a Christmas number – ayfkm? – and likewise in the words of one of our greatest present-day comedians Sebastian Maniscalco “aren’t you embarrassed?” – and how about you Lorne Michaels as the “esteemed” producer of the show? – and how about you Stephen Burke as the president of nbcuniversal? – does any one of you have a single thread of the good Lord running through your veins or your greater conscience in serving the greater good of the greater many on the public’s airwaves at Christmastime no less? – and if you unfortunately couldn’t care less as it surely seems to be the matter then perhaps the best question yet is would it make your mother proud in so brazingly disgracing such a sacred time of the year as it is with Christmas? –

how sad of a state of affairs in seeing so many so very clearly having lost their way – nonetheless and with the everpresent faith of a child I for one say may the light of yet another beautiful Christmas miracle find each and every one of their souls –

wishing every one of you the very greatest of godspeed and the very merriest Christmas everything the same ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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