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{rrf} at the moment of rock’n’roll…

May 15, 2019

that fantastically fantastic feeling of total euphoria arrives in an instantaneous hit straight away of any other reality and right into a perfect fantasyland where it’s only ever everything you’ve ever wanted all in one precious second – it’s an invisibly giving gift of the soul from that of another we’re very likely to never even meet – it’s the indelibly vital thread of everything in the way of the neverending love within a life all at once totally taking over no matter the present feeling – indeed it’s an absolutely electrifying trip in every sense of the word –

the serenity in a song, the melody in the music and at times the stunningly flawless creativity in the composition all in one single simple piece of music so fastly finding its way right into the heart and so often of the time at just the very rightest of times to me is what I find to be the one and only truly universal love that was always intended to be the very foundation of the lighter loving story of humanity


and in an overwhelmingly far further connected society as we ever-increasingly find ourselves living within the greater reality of this theory of “music is love and love is life” very well seems to be more and more of what it really is all about – in a rather fanciful fashion it’s the far righter spirit of the now many decades-ago concept of “if it feels good do it” – and for very good measure without any of the entirely unintended aftermath as so intrinsically understood by anyone ever having been there or even by anyone ever having heard the stories from the ones that were (insert laughter here…lol) –


as to the front line of it all for me in seeing the very best there’s ever been in the one-and-only king of rock’n’roll in the fall of 1976 to the legendary Luciano Pavarotti in 1989 to the very best there’s progressively ever been in the tenth time in seeing the ever-so-highly-revered rush in 2015 music absolutely is my life – and if it’s doing for you anywhere even close to what it’s been doing for me in the nearly 200 concerts I’ve been so super fortunate in being at (and almost in as well as in being at a great many after oh the stories one can tell) then I say with all of the avidity of every single breath you’ve ever taken most definitely keep on listening to every single thing that’s lighting up your soul always counting your every blessing as one of the very most enlightened ones –

wishing every one of you every wonderful blessing at the very greatest of godspeed ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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