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i write the words that make my soul sing…

this was a post from my archives that i feel says a lot of why i am here and what leads me to want to help people…

and if i’m of even just the slightest thread of value to anyone so gracious to invest 2 or 3 minutes of their life here with me at the site then i’ve made god happy i can rest easy and i’ll pray to be here again tomorrow to help someone else smile just the same – i’ve had a feeling 2 times already this week that truly is better than any other feeling that exists because it lasts it radiates and it’s impossible to get any other way than but to be hearing your soul – and when you are she overwhelms you with a feeling of loving energy and sparkling heat that’s a feeling like no other – have you had that same feeling before? – had it recently? – some days it’s the only thing that gets me up and then because she did i can also begin to see all the other love that surrounds me – i’m only human just like the rest of us and with the extraordinarily high level of emotional energy i was given before they bundled me up sometimes this temporary silence around me is utterly deafening – i know god has a golden path already laid out for me and i can actually see it more and more clearly each and every day and it feels fantastic it feels right it’s in fact getting to feel very much as if i’m already there – many thanks to zeland byrne and bilotta for their continually emerging lifeworks that have made an astonishingly positive impact on my new world – this world’s indeed what we design it to be and no one should ever lead you astray from that, no one at all…ever – carrying about the waking time of the day in a mind that’s calm safe & secure is new-found freedom – a confidence in one’s self as someone who is important valuable & likable carries me through anything and everything the world wants to swing my way, it’s still swinging and it missed me, ha! – as a helper to my fellow man in what really matters in life i’ve gained the elegance & ease of being light consistent & contributing and it feels so good – and ever so steadily i’m adding a synergy to the step of my life each day as i walk to what i will have and what is surely arriving as i find myself casting out a once again surging and loving light as the highest mission of being a true and positive difference-maker is taking shape – these are tenets to a life well-lived well-led from within and most certainly well-guided from above – may you feel the feeling that’ll give you the key to your door – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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